Posted on: August 1st, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Sports conversations are a great way to break the ice and get a conversation started.  You don’t have to spend more than a couple minutes talking about a particular game, sport or topic it’s just another option for making small talk and a way to build stronger relationships.   All you need to do is read the short summaries of the topics below, click on the link for more information and use the questions provided to spark conversation.


MLB – The trade deadline passed Sunday afternoon.  Several teams made moves in a busy week of deals, in fact all but 4 teams made some kind of move.  Shockingly, the Yankees were among the teams left empty handed and the Cleveland Indians who made the biggest splash, acquiring Colorado ace Ubaldo Jimenez.  How do will the flurry of trades help these teams down the stretch?  Who are you watching the last 2 months of the regular season?


NFL – The lockout ended last week, but due to certain rules, NFL free agents won’t be able to practice until Thursday August 4th.  It’s an usual situation, particularly because the free agents have been at practices, but just standing on the sidelines watching.  Most will have just 1 week to practice alongside their teammates before their first preseason game.   How will all the free agent moves impact your team, and the level of play we’ll see in the first few weeks?  Which team are you most interested to see this year?

Bonus note:  Receiver Plaxico Burress is back in the league after serving 19 months in prison.  Burress signed with the New York Jets over the weekend.  How productive do you think he’ll be given his time away from the game?


NBA – Players and owners resume talks this week as the try to reach a new collective bargaining agreement and end a lockout.  Few are optimistic a deal gets done before the scheduled start to the season.  That means many NBA players, including Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, are weighing their options to play overseas.   Do you think they’ll end up going overseas for a year?  What are the risks/rewards?

PGA Tiger Woods returns to golf this week at the Bridgestone Invitational.  Tiger hasn’t played in a tournament since May 12th,  due to injuries.  His longtime friend Byron Bell will be his caddy since Tiger recently fired longtime caddy Steve Williams.  What do you expect from Tiger this weekend?  Do you think he’ll ever regain his championship form?



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