Posted on: January 27th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Using sports as a conversation starter comes naturally for me because I’ve worked in the sports broadcasting business for years.  And while I spend quite a bit of time talking about our local Northwest teams and national headlines, more often than not, the sports topic is just a launching point into a different conversation.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about a funny conversation I had with my co-workers involving Wendy Williams and People Magazine.  That conversation started with questions about the basketball show we were working on.  We talked about hoops and show details for a few minutes and then transitioned to a completely different subject.

Here’s how it might work for you if you asked your co-worker about baseball and Spring Training.

You: “Spring Training is right around the corner, what do you think of the Mariners?”

Co-worker: “I think it’s going to be an interesting year with all the new guys. Can’t wait to see Felix again.”

You: “I agree.  Are you going to Arizona for any part of Spring Training?”

Co-worker: “No, I’ve got a family vacation planned during March already.”

You: “Where are you going?”

Do you see how baseball launched you into a different topic altogether? Your co-worker might have said, “No, I’ve got a project due in March and can’t get away.” Which would have opened to the door to talk about specific issues at the office.  Either way, you’re finding a way to connect and build relationships.

With that in mind, I’d like to update the conversation starters for the week.  Too much has happened in the last couple days and there are a few neat topics to track this weekend.

Talk Sporty to Me Conversation Starter Talk Sporty to Me Conversation Starters

Winter X games – If you’re into extreme sports – this is the weekend to watch ESPN. The highlights will be amazing.  What’s your favorite extreme winter sport?

Tiger Woods- Is playing at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines and is paired with Rocco Mediate. The last time these two played together at Torrey Pines Rocco battled Tiger to a 19 hole playoff in the 2008 US Open. Tiger won and we found out after the round he was playing on a broken leg.  What a juicy matchup to watch this weekend.  Do you remember the incredible ’08 round?  Who do you want to win?

College Hoops – We told you Monday to keep an eye on the San Diego State/BYU matchup Wednesday night. San Diego State entered the game as one of two unbeaten teams in the country.  They are no more.  BYU won handily.  Ohio State is the only unbeaten now. The Buckeyes’ next game is against Northwestern Saturday.  Do you think  they’ll be able to finish the season without a loss?

Australian OpenWe also mentioned Monday the chance for a “Rafa Slam” at the Australian Open.  That will not happen.   Rafael Nadal lost in the quarterfinal round due in part to an injury suffered at the beginning of the match against David Ferrer.  Do you still have an interest in watching the final rounds of the Open?  Does the loss in any way tarnish the reputation of Nadal?