Posted on: December 23rd, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Welcome to a special edition of the weekly Conversation Starters blog.   Usually this post goes up Monday mornings, but due to the holidays and the timing of Christmas, I wanted make sure you had topics to keep you talking to family and friends for the next week.

You don’t have to be a huge sports fan to talk about sports.   Just a few headlines will suffice so take a look at the topics below and get ready for those family gatherings.


Talk Sporty to Me, Jen Mueller America's Expert TalkerNFL – All year long fans wondered if Green Bay would complete a perfect season and if Indianapolis would ever get a win.  Turns out both streaks ended on the same day.  Green Bay’s loss means the 1972 Miami Dolphins are still the only team to complete a perfect season, and now that Indy has won two games they could miss out on the top pick in the draft.

Here’s the big storyline now – which teams make the playoffs?  Through Week 15 (the week before Christmas) 15 of the NFL’s 32 teams were still in the playoff picture.  What does that say about the league this year?  Do you think the improved play late in the season from several teams has to do with time missed during the lockout?


College Football – The bowl season means there are game just about every night from now until the BCS Title Game Januar 9th.  The big story that developed 3 days before Christmas – USC Quarterback Matt Barkley announced he’ll be back for his senior season.  He could have been taken among the top picks in the NFL draft, but decided against it, due in part to the fact that USC hasn’t been able to play in a bowl game the last two years due to NCAA sanctions.  Some critics say the decision could cost him millions of dollars in draft status, what do you think about his announcement? 


NBA – The NBA regular season will finally tip off Christmas Day.  There are five quality matchups that day, but the one everyone will watch is Dallas-Miami, which is a rematch of the NBA finals.  Remember Miami was supposed to be the “Dream Team” last year with the Big 3 but it was Dallas that won the title.  How much different do you expect each of those teams to be given a couple of Dallas’ off-season moves and the fact that now the Big 3 have better chemistry with each other in Miami?

And in LA, the talk is all about the torn ligament in Kobe’s wrist.  He says he’ll play, but how do you think it will affect his game?


That should keep you talking for a little bit.  Workplace Conversation Starters will be back every Monday morning following the holidays.  Merry Christmas!


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