Give Yourself a Sporting Chance

Posted on: November 6th, 2017 by Jen Mueller

Happy Monday!

Have you ever thought about how much credit you give other people for being smarter than you? Seriously. How many times have you assumed the person you’re talking with knows what he/she is talking about?

Last week I was sitting at the airport listening to gentleman go on and on about his views on the NFL. To hear him tell the story, he was an expert. Right up until he referenced the “18-game schedule.”

“It’s 16.” I said with a little bit of irritation from a couple seats away. “The NFL season is 16 games long.”

I’ll admit I was eves-dropping (and bored after spending eight hours in the airport.) Here’s the bigger takeaway for you – just because someone is talking sports, doesn’t mean they actually know sports or have all the answers.

Don’t give other people all the credit and discount what you bring to a conversation, especially when you use these sports ConvoStarters this week:

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