Posted on: September 2nd, 2013 by Jen Mueller

It’s Labor Day and it’s Week 1 of the NFL season.

Six days from now, I’ll be in Charlotte, tearing up a little bit as the national anthem is played before the Seahawks season opener against the Panthers.

This marks my fifth year on the Seahawks sidelines.  The beginning of every year is just as exciting as the one before, but this year it feels a little different.  The Seahawks are projected to be one of the best teams in the league, 7-1 favorites to win the Super Bowl, and I get a front row seat to all the action.   Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say a sideline pass to all the action.Jen Mueller and Pete Carroll

I want to take you on the sidelines and inside the locker room through my personal stories and antidotes.  You’ll get closer to the players, understand how I do my job as a sideline reporter and learn how to leverage your Seahawks fandom in business.

If you love this Seahawks team, you don’t just want to talk about them on game day.  You should find ways to talk about the Hawks during the week and use sports to build relationships and improve communication skills.  That’s why at the end of most posts I’ll include a business takeaway.  Sports is valuable a valuable tool that should be used daily.

This is Day 1 of 120.   Yes, you read that right.  I’ll do my best to post a short entry every day for the next 4 months, through the Hawks regular season finale.  And with any luck we’ll need a few more weeks of posts before the end of the season.

More tomorrow….


Jen Mueller is the radio sideline reporter for the Seattle Seahawks, as well as, a reporter for ROOT Sports NW in Seattle.  She is also a professional speaker and the author of Game Time: Learn to Talk Sports in 5 Minutes a Day, the go-to resource for new and novice sports fans.  The book is available on Amazon.