Posted on: August 24th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

After a full day of work Sunday, I sat down to dinner with my co-worker Kevin.  A few minutes into dinner, the conversation turned toward one of his hobbies – fishing.  I’ve been fishing a few times in my life, but I cannot tell the difference between a trout and a walleye, or a bass and a steelhead.  Turns out I didn’t need to know anything.  Kevin carried the conversation beautifully and I could tell he was enjoying the opportunity to talk about it.  I kept asking questions and he continued to provide insightful and informative answers.  As we were finishing up and getting the check, Kevin turned to me and told me he really appreciated that I took an interest in his hobby.  It had helped take his mind off the stresses of a bad day at work. 

This example shows how Talk Sporty helps on both the personal and professional level.  Kevin is a friend of mine and I was glad to help take his mind off a bad day.  But think about how this will play out at the station the next time Kevin and I work together.  I’ll remember to ask about his most recent fishing trip and he’ll appreciate that I’ve taken an interest.  We are more likely to trust each other when on assignment and feel an added sense of camaraderie.  That leads to greater production and a more efficient workday.  In the long run, this leads to more opportunities at work.

Just another example of how Talk Sporty to Me can great influence your life – but you have to start talking first.  Here are a few conversation starters to get you going this week.

A surprise announcement from Lou Piniella.  The Cubs manager was expected to retire at the end of the baseball season.  But he announced before Sunday’s game, he was calling it quits that evening so he could spend more time with his ailing mother.  What do you think of the news? 

Prized rookie pitcher Stephen Strasburg is back on the DL.  This is a kid that regularly threw 100mph and averages more strikeouts per 9 innings than any rookie in the modern era.  He’s been on the DL twice since June, will he be a flash in the pan or a legitimate starter in the future?

Bad news for the Seahawks – Hawks first round draft pick Russell Okung will miss time with an ankle injury.  The rookie was expected to play a big role in solidifying the offensive line.  What should the Hawks do next?  How big of a blow is it to the team?

Talk about drama in the work place – Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and his head coach Mike Shanahan continue battling during training camp.  It’s a war of words that Shanahan says ends now, we’ll see about that.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren officially divorce.  How will this affect his recent slump on the course?