Posted on: August 3rd, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Mariners fans know it’s been a tough season, but would they consider it the worst season ever?  That could be the case before the end of the season. Right now the M’s are on pace to lose 102 games.  The club record for losses is 104, set back in 1978 when the Mariners were just in the second year of existence. 

Mariners second baseman Chone Figgins isn’t ready to apologize for a dugout blowup a couple weeks ago.  What do you think?  He is selfish or just struggling to adjust.

Seahawks top draft pick Russell Okung missed the start of Training Camp.  He’s still trying to work out a deal and can’t practice until he signs his contract.  It’s tough on rookies to miss this much time early in camp.  How do you think this will affect Okung and the Seahawks down the line?

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre apparently has started telling teammates he won’t return this year.  The annual Favre watch has become a training camp ritual.  Do you believe him?  How will it change the Vikings and the NFL?

LeBron James took out an ad in the newspaper in his hometown of Akron, thanking fans for their support.  He did not mention nearby Cleveland in the ad.  Classy move or not?  Do you even follow the LeBron drama these days?