Posted on: August 22nd, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Sports topics and headlines make great small talk in the work place, help you break the ice, lead to better rapport and more effective communication.  Here are a few of the hot topics in the sports world this week.  Just read the summary, click on the link for more information and ask the questions provided.

Jen Mueller, CEO Talk Sporty to Me, America's Expert TalkerNFL – It’s only pre-season, but Sunday’s game meant more to Plaxico Burress than most.  Burress spent nearly two years in prison on a gun charge.  Sunday was the first time he was on the field since 2008.  He had a good night and caught a touchdown pass in his first game as a New York JetBecause it’s only pre-season, it’s hard to get a good read, but what kind of impact could he have with the Jets this year?  Has he quality of play around the league surprised you in the first couple weeks of preseason?



MLB Alex Rodriguez returned to the Yankees lineup Sunday after missing 7 weeks due to hip flexor surgery.  The Yankees offense didn’t have any trouble producing while A-Rod was on the shelf, in fact it excelled. What does that say, if anything,  about A-Rod’s and the clubhouse chemistry?  Will his return make the lineup even stronger, or will it negatively affect the offense that was in a groove without him?


Little League World Series – There will be more than a few kids missing the start of school this week due to the Little League World Series.  The team from Montana and California are the last two undefeated U.S. teams.  They play each other Wednesday night.   Getting this far in the tournament takes a lot of practice and dedication, what kind of teaching tool do this kids provide with their hard work? How do you feel about the attention shown to the youngsters and the pressure on them to succeed at such a high level?


NASCAR Kyle Busch won his fourth race of the year Sunday in Michigan.  He’s locked up his spot in NASCAR’s version of the playoffs (called the Sprint Cup) It appears Busch is a stronger challenger to win and end Jimmie Johnson’s 5-year run as champion.  We’re still 13 weeks away from the finish, what kind of pressure is Johnson feeling to repeat for a 6th time, knowing that everyone is gunning for him?  Does he have the edge simply because he’s been through this so often in the past?



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