Posted on: December 27th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Welcome to the week after Christmas!

We know you’re still trying to regroup after a busy weekend so we’ve got a shortcut for you.  Pay attention to what people around you are wearing.  Not for their sense of fashion or lack thereof, but there’s a good chance many college football fans and NFL fans will be sporting a team logo this week.  There are two ways to go about starting the conversation.

  1. 1. Ask about the specific team represented.

For example: If it’s a Washington Husky logo ask – What do you think of their chances this week?  How do you think they’ll fare in the Holiday Bowl?

  1. 2. If you’re less sure about the specific teams go with a  general approach.

For example: If it’s an NFL logo try asking, “What do you think of this season? It’s crazy.” Or for a college team ask,  “What do you think of the bowl season so far? Have you watched any good games?”

Here’s why it those questions will work.  There are 20 bowl games on the schedule for this week including 6 games on New Year’s Day.   College football fans are revved up for this week, and they’ll be happy to talk about it.  (For the record, I’ll be cheering for my alma mater SMU against Army this week. Go Mustangs!)

Jen Mueller Expert Talker

We’ve also reached the final week of the NFL regular season and it’s been one of the craziest on record.  Fans of the NFL have plenty to talk about which leads us right into our batch of conversation starters.

NFL –  The Seahawks head into the final week of the regular season with a 6-9 record – and a chance to win the division.  The Hawks (6-9) and St. Louis Rams (7-8) square off in a Sunday night showdown that determines the division champion.  Everyone is talking about this game because if the Hawks win, it will mark the first time in history a team has advanced to the playoffs with a losing record. Who wins the game? Should the NFL change the rules so losing teams can’t get into the playoffs?

NFL – Elsewhere in the league a snow storm in Philadelphia postponed Sunday’s game against the Vikings.  The game will now be played Tuesday night.  It’s an unusual schedule change for the NFL.  What do you think of the decision?

Bowl Games – Among the many bowl games to watch, fans will be interested in how TCU fares against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.  TCU hasn’t lost a game all season but the didn’t get chosen to play for the national title.  Which game are you looking forward to this week?

College HoopsConference play starts this week across college basketball. These are the games that really count toward determining your chances of playing in the NCAA tournament in March.  How’s your team looking?  Any guesses as to how they’ll do?