Posted on: March 7th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

We know there’s no crying in baseball but what about basketball?  Welcome to another week of conversation starters that includes football talk, March Madness and a possible TV return for Charlie Sheen.   We start with a bit of controversy and a hot NBA topic

NBA – The Miami Heat was expected to dominate the NBA this year after signing the “Big 3” (LeBron, Wade, Bosh)  But they have struggled mightily and heading into the week of March 7th had lost 4 straight.  Their head coach, Eric Spoelstra, said his team was frustrated and that some players were even crying in the locker roomWhat does this tell you about the team?  What do they need to do to turn things around?

College Hoops –  We’re less than a week away from Selection Sunday (March 13th.) That’s the day when the NCAA unveils the Tournament Bracket so get ready to join those office pools next week.  This week keep an eye on conference tournaments around the country.  The winners of the conference tournaments get an automatic berth into The Big Dance.   How is your team looking?  Who are you rooting for this week?

NFL – The current collective bargaining agreement was set to expire last week between the NFL players and owners.  Both sides spent significant time at the negotiating table and extended the talks through this weekDo you think a deal gets done this week or will they extend it again?  How much progress do you think they’ve made in the last week?

MLB/Mariners – The reigning American League Cy Young Award winner, Felix Hernandez, makes his first start of the spring Monday.  He received encouragement and a challenge from the legendary Randy Johnson last weekWhat are his chances of repeating as a Cy Young Award winner?  How far can Felix carry the Mariners staff?

What are you thinking? – This nugget is just too good to pass up today.  Did you see that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is reportedly talking to Charlie Sheen about making a TV show for Cuban’s TV network? What are your thoughts about the possibility of Sheen on another TV show given the recent controversy?

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