Posted on: January 31st, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Welcome to Super Bowl week!   I’m sure you’re making plans for the big bash this weekend, which means you might not have time to read all the big sports headlines.  I’ve done the research for you and provided a handful of topics to talk about from now until Sunday.

NFL – Of course it’s all about the Super Bowl this week. And you can always ask, “which team will win?” but if you want to really engage a football fan ask where Ben Roethlisberger ranks among all time great quarterbacks. He’s already won a Super Bowl title, but is a lightning rod for controversy.  What do you think of Big Ben as a quarterback and all-time great?

Talk Sporty to Me Conversation Starters Talk Sporty to Me Conversation Starters

NFL – There is some underlying tension this week and a fear that Sunday’s game will be the last we see for a while.  The NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement expires March 4th and with compromise from both the players and owners there’s could be a work stoppage and no football for a while.  The league and fans would suffer, but so would the folks in Vegas, just an interesting perspectiveWhat do you think will happen?

College Hoops – It was a crazy weekend for the top ranked teams.  Several close games and upsets to talk about this week including Washington State’s win over 17th ranked Washington.  Nice win for the Cougars.  Ohio State remains unbeaten this season thanks to some late heroics Saturday night against Northwestern.  They play Michigan and Minnesota this week.  How long can the Buckeyes stay unbeaten?

MLS – The Seattle Sounders are the home-town team and this week they head to Arizona to continue their pre-season training for the next two weeks. What to you think of the team’s off-season moves?  How are they looking for this season?

NHLThe All Star game marked the unofficial midway point of the hockey season.  (Most fans will tell you the halfway point came earlier in the month.) By the looks of things, the next few weeks will be very exciting with every point counting toward playoff standings. How is your team doing?  Do you think hockey gets overshadowed by football and basketball?