Posted on: January 3rd, 2011 by leonod

For most of us, it’s back to work after the holidays.  Don’t bore your co-workers with pictures of your kids and every handmade present you received.  Strike up a sports conversation.  It’s a big week to talk football and we’ve got you covered with our conversation starters this week.  As a note, college basketball is heating up but more people will be talking about NFL and Bowl Games this week.  We’ll pick up the basketball talk next week.

NFL – The Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams Sunday to win the NFC West.  Seattle is the first team to win a division title with a losing record. This has critics calling for new playoff rules especially since Seattle hosts the defending Super Bowl Champs this week in the first round of the playoffs.  What do you think about the NFL needing to change playoff requirements?  Who makes it to the Super Bowl?

Talk Sporty to Me Conversation Starter

NFL – The regular season ended Sunday that means several coaches could lose their jobs this week.  It’s called Black Monday in the NFL.  Browns coach Eric Mangini was the first to go.  Here’s a question for you, are coaches being given enough time to implement their own systems and get a team on the right track?

NFL – Brett Favre’s season came to an end Sunday – while sitting on the bench.  The legendary QB was inactive for the Vikings season finale against Detroit.  He says he’s retiring, but we’ve heard that before. Does Favre actually mean it this time?

Bowl Games – It’s another big week of bowl games starting with tonight’s Orange Bowl matchup between Stanford and Virginia Tech. We’ve still got a week to go before the national title game between Auburn and Oregon. What do you think of the bowl games up to this point?

Women’s Basketball – The UConn women had the nation buzzing about their consecutive win streak for the last couple weeks.  But it came to an end Thursday night.  UConn lost to Stanford after winning 90 straight.  Interesting to note the loss UConn suffered before starting that streak – also to Stanford.  How much will you pay attention to the women’s team now? What do you think of the streak?