Posted on: January 17th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Welcome to another Monday and another week’s worth of conversation starters.

Seahawks – I traveled home from Chicago with the Seahawks last night following their loss to the bears.  It was a disappointing end to their season, but there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about where they’re heading in the future.  What do you think about the Seahawks season?  What surprised you about the season?  What needs to change to be more successful next year?

Seahawks – There are other ways to talk about game outside of the final score, stats and specific plays.  Check out the video link for a different approach.

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NFL – The Seahawks were hoping to be one of the four remaining teams in the playoffs but those teams ended up being: Green Bay, Chicago, NY Jets, Pittsburgh.  The winners of this weekends games will play in the Super Bowl.  Who do you think will win?  Who are you rooting for? Of the four remaining teams the Jets are the biggest surprise after knocking off Tom Brady and the Patriots.  The Jets can be a trash-talking bunch.  Do you like their approach?  Or take issue like many other teams?

College Hoops – There are still 4 unbeaten college basketball teams remaining: Syracuse, Ohio State, Kansas and San Diego State.  Do you think any of them will be able to finish with a perfect record? Which team is better?

Tennis – The Australian Open is underway this week.  Roger Federer is trying to snap Rafael Nadal’s streak of 3 straight majors.  Nadal meanwhile is looking for a Slam (winning all four majors: the French Open, Wimbledon,  U.S. Open, Australian Open.)  Venus Williams is the only Williams sister competing this year. Her sister Serena, the reigning Australian Open champ, withdrew with a foot injury,  Any thoughts on who will win?  What to you think of an individual sport like tennis compared to a team sport like football?