Posted on: April 18th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

It’s a quick version of Conversation Starters this morning, but the topics are interesting enough to keep you going all week.  With the NBA (basketball) and NHL (hockey) playoffs underway, I’m not going to focus on a specific matchup.  Just know that teams could start getting knocked out this week as the first round finishes up.   If you’re talking to a co-worker or friend with a specific rooting interest, try to do a quick check to make sure his/her team is still playing or keep it specific like “What do you think of the first round games?” … or you could try one of these topics.

Talk Sporty to Me Conversation Starters

NBA Playoffs – Basketball fans in Seattle are still smarting over the fact that Clay Bennett bought the Sonics from Starbucks founder Howard Schultz then moved the team to Oklahoma City.  It’s why it’s tough for many Sonics fans to watch Oklahoma City in the playoffs.  Bennett is viewed as a thief in some parts of the country, and now he’s been named chairman of the NBA’s relocation committee. The Sacramento Kings could be moving to Anaheim and Bennett is in charge.  How does the NBA let this happen?  Are you upset or amused by the title?  Are you watching any of the playoffs.?

NHL Playoffs – Throwing octopus on the ice during hockey games in Detroit is a tradition, but now the city wants police to crack down on fans who throw things on the ice. It’s becoming a debate in Detroit, but is it ridiculous?  What do you think about police trying to change a tradition that dates back to 1952?

MLB – The Boston Red Sox won back-to-back games over the weekend. As of Monday they still possessed the worst record in the major leagues. But they were the early picks to win the World Series.  It’s worth keeping an eye on the Sox to see if this is where they turn it around. Are the Red Sox still the best team out there? How is your team looking so far?