Posted on: June 6th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

We’re closing in on the final games of the NBA and NHL seasons this week.  And there’s news to follow in baseball and football as well as tennis.  Remember these are just bullet points on a handful of sports topics for the week.  Use them as a guideline to spark conversation or simply as a way to increase your own sports knowledge base.

Talk Sporty to Me

NBA – Three games into the NBA finals, is it too early to crown the Miami Heat NBA Champions? Maybe not according to this stat: the Game 3 winner in a tied final has won the championship all 11 times since the current format began in 1985.  The Heat to a 2-1 series lead Sunday, and are two wins away from the title.  Is it a forgone conclusion that Miami will win?  What does Dallas need to do to shift momentum?

NHL – The Vancouver Canucks lead the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Bruins goaltender, Tim Thomas, is on the hot seat for the way he played during overtime of game 2.  He left the net, got tangled up with a Canuck player, which made it easier for Vancouver to score the game winner.  Thomas led the NHL in goals against average this season. Does he deserve the criticism?  Can Vancouver close it out and sweep the series or will Boston take advantage of home ice and make a comeback?

French OpenRafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in the French Open Finals Sunday. It was Nadal’s 10th major overall and 6th at the French Open.  Nadal is the 2nd youngest man behind Bjorn Borg to win 10 titles.   Nadal keeps his #1 World Ranking, where does Federer belong in that conversation?

MLB – The MLB draft is Monday night, and while it’s a source of conversation for hard-core fans, it might not be the most widely discussed baseball topic this week.  Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano stole the spotlight for blasting his team and saying they were playing like minor leaguers.  Cleveland’s Shin-Soo Choo is struggling with a DUI charge.  Which headline caught your eye this week?  How’s your team doing so far?

NFL – Amid all the lockout talk, there is actually football news this week.  Receiver Plaxico Burress was released from jail Monday morning after spending nearly 2 years in prison on a gun charge.  Burress was a Super Bowl star in 2008 as he helped the Giants beat the heavily favored Patriots.  He wants to return to football after the lockout is over.  Where do you think he’ll end up?  What are the biggest challenges facing him after 2 years away from the game?