Posted on: January 13th, 2014 by Jen Mueller

The weekend TV ratings are starting to come in and the preliminary results confirm what football fans already knew.  The NFL dominated TV viewership.  It’s not surprising given where we are in the season.  The weekend games determined which teams would play for the AFC and NFC Championships.  The four remaining teams are just one win away from the Super Bowl.

Why should that matter to you?  Because it’s an easy way to connect with people you work with.  The remaining teams are Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and New England (Boston.)  There’s interest across the country and a few juicy storylines to follow this week.  Those teams and Sunday’s games are going to dominate the sports headlines this week and that’s no small accomplishment considering Alex Rodriguez is back in the news.  So you might as well tap into the passionate fan base.

Here are a few talking points to get you started.


Making News:

  • Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady
  • Russell Wilson vs. Colin Kaepernick
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Australian Open


Why They’re Making News:

  • The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will play in the AFC Title game. That means a showdown between quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Those two quarterbacks are considered two of the best to play the game.  They are rivals on the field and friends away from the game.  Their last playoff clash came in the AFC title game in 2006.  Manning and the Indianapolis Colts won the game and Manning went on to win his only Super Bowl title.
  • The NFC title game features the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers in a showdown of two of the up and coming quarterbacks in Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.  The Seahawks and 49ers are division rivals and have split the regular season matchups the last two seasons.  The Seahawks beat the 49ers handily in Seattle and the 49ers have eeked out wins in San Fran.  Sunday’s game is in Seattle.
  • Major League Baseball announced Saturday that Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is suspended for the entire 2014 season.  Rodriguez was initially suspended last season, but filed an appeal.  He is expected to take the battle to federal court.
  • The Australian Open is underway.  It is the first tennis Grand Slam event of the year.  Rafael Nadal is the top ranked player in the world and is a favorite on the men’s side along with second ranked Novak Djokovic. Serena Williams is favored on the women’s side after winning two Grand Slam tournaments last year.


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